Urdu is the most progressive language

“Urdu is the most progressive language and it has dramatic effects on the social, culture and literature of the generations. The most important role of Urdu language is that it integrated the communities in the oriental societies”, said by H.E Moazzam Ahmed Khan -Ambassador of Pakistan to UAE, while speaking to 12th international Urdu Mushaira held in Abu Dhabi. He added that basic source to spread Urdu language is poetry. Poetry plays a very important role in establishing, refining and sustaining of the language. Therefore, we all should flourish and spread Urdu Poetry all over the world in general and in UAE particular.The Mushaira was attended by poets from all over the world including Pakistan, India, US, and UAE like Mr. Hassan Abbasi, Mr. Nisar Ahmed, Mr. Azhar Inayati, Ms Alina Ittrat, Dr. Kaleem Qaiser, Dr. Zubair Farooq, Ms. Naheed Virk etc. The event was presided over by a renowned scholar and Poet Dr Peerzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, while the Ambassador of Pakistan was invited as the chief guest. This event is organized every year and is regarded as one of the biggest gathering of Urdu scholars and poets in the UAE and is attended by a big number of Urdu lovers.

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