By: Saba Naz

We're useless people – bitter truth – because today music is so in not only in our country but in the whole world. Multi-media, social media are really very possessed by music. If we've a visit on FB new feeds, there we found many songs and music – yes songs and music are two different things because songs are related to singers, and can perform without music but unlike songs music is about the use of musical instruments. Not even FB but now days we see the Whats-App status of many people which isn't other than music and songs. Surprisingly here are various posts on various websites that post your favorite song in the comment section. 

Drivers including all vehicles hear music during driving. Our marriage ceremonies can't perform without music nights. In past, Morning Shows were about some sorts of religious or national preaching but now there is nothing but singing, dancing, music and many sort of vulgar activities. Commercials are also running on the same path, TV dramas are not without music. The credibility of a drama's popularity fully depends on its title song because a drama is as admired by the audience as its title song is hearty.

Reality shows are also not deprived from this evil; even the shows organized in Ramadan or for public prosperity and charity are masterly knitted in music. Here is a strange custom prevailing now, if any baby cries, just play music beside him or hand over him cell phone; really it is the easiest and shortest way for keeping quite your children. Even political procession and campaigns are also organized with musical songs. 

Some people try to categorize the music by saying that old music is far much better than the new. But my point is that music is music whether it is old or new, no matter. It is prohibited in our religion so if it is really forbidden in our religion, why we bother to hear it? Plato – the famous Greek Philosopher was bold enough in saying that poets are not allowed to enter in his Utopian land. We're coward people, we just raise the slogans of ISLAM but in reality we've nothing to do with our doctrine. I won't talk about world war or catastrophe has fallen on the people of the world, I'm talking about SELF-WAR which is far difficult than the war of world. Because in the world war we can make it pacify by the weapons strength and table-talk but in self-war we will have to fight with our selves, examine our weak points and then try to remove them from our life with iron hands. 

Today, people of all sects whether they're ehl.e.Sunnah, ehl.e.Hadith, and Shiya (Hanfi, Malki, and Shafi & Rizvi), followers of Caliphates (r.a) of Muhammad (s.a.w), followers of Imam Hussain (a.s) and followers of Muhammad (s.a.w) himself all hear music. So this is my simple question to everyone, are we really followers of those whom we claim? Because all the religious personalities who regard the pillars of Islam didn't hear music, even our Holy prophet (s.a.w) prevented it for all the Muslims and announced a severe punishment for the guilty person. But by neglecting all our ideal personalities we keep on hearing music. 

I'm not criticizing any specific person or sect but just talking generally really some religious people who pretend to be so pious also occupied by this evil, some people are against to have TV in their home but they completely forget that the cell phones which they gifted to their children are main source of this sinful activity. So evil whether it committed secretly or publically it remains evil. It doesn't mean we just condemned our children for having cell-phones. It simply means that we should guide them toward the right path because the problem is in music not in cell phone. 

This is one of the common evils on which all the Muslim sects hearty believe that music is disallowed in Islam. So I want to say all the people that come on the things which are common in us. We all should have to remove this devilish deed from our lives and our families' and should have to develop a good sense in between them for leaving music. Hence as I told you we're useless people because we're ready to fight with everyone, if he talks about us or our sect. All the sects are criticizing others both publically and privately but don't ready to accept that they are also wrong. 

However when we talk about such issues those really need to resolve, we just put behind them by saying that this is a person's personal life and we can't criticize him or her for this, perhaps he may pious in the eyes of Allah Almighty. But believe me these are lame excuses because if such issues are not need to amend so why Allah Almighty bother to send His instructions through his different messengers? 

Please for God sake! Leave such issues for the time that who performs salat how? Who is the follower of whom? We all are Muslims and having importance of a single body, we all believe in Allah Almighty, and His Prophet (s.a.w). Now, we just need to be a good Muslims; this is a tough journey from human being to being human but not impossible. If we really remove all the evils one by one those are common in us, I grantee there will be peace and serenity everywhere. 

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