Our Policy

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

اسلام علیکم

Kindly, before sending your writings, the writer must consider the following terms and conditions:

Directly or Indirectly…

  • – there shouldn't be any sort of disrespectful aspect of any religion
  • – there shouldn't be any criticism on believes
  • – anything against constitution of Pakistan is not allowed
  • – you should not leave the impression of any kind of racism
  • – there shouldn't be any ridicule of any national institute
  • – immoral, disgraceful and wicked aspects must be avoided
  • – the writing must not be a transcript
  • – you must not send any writing which is prohibited by any copyright, If so happens, the sender himself will be the responsible for that.

* Writings or Subjects must be send as in page, Unicode or word formate along with their address*



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